Call for a Public Inquiry in the Death of 2 Year Old Marissa Whalen

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To the Hon. John Gerretsen, Attorney General,

The brutal death of toddler, Marissa Whalen of Fort Erie on July 29, 2011 involved;  emergency measures services, a  911 call, police officers and possibly social workers or the lack of social workers. After the involvement of these agencies the child went missing. Two years  later the public who pay for these services are only now finding out the depth of the  cover up of this child’s brutal killing. One member of the household brutalized the child until such time Marissa died. Known to many different people in the household, the child’s body was first hidden, transported and later discarded in a garbage bag in an unmarked grave. Since numerous agencies have the responsibility to protect children from such terrible conditions, the public needs to be assured these public supported agencies acted appropriately, and responsibly. These agencies have no third party investigation, no third party review,  and therefore have no accountability to the public. As such, a number of questions should be posed to a public inquiry to assure these agencies did or will act to protect children from such outrageous abuse.

  1. Could these agencies have done more individually or collectively to assure this child could have survived?
  2. Could the 911 call been further investigated?
  3. Were social services called in to investigate the household prior to the death, after the death or after the public knew the toddler disappeared?  What was the outcomes of these investigations?
  4. If social workers were called to investigate the family, what was done or not done to protect the child?
  5. Given the independent nature, and legal self interest of these organizations, would a third party system of investigation be worth establishing to assure the public  such agencies cooperate in the public’s best interest?


C.C. Sylvia Jones PC Critic, Attorney General Jagmeet Singh NDP Critic, Attorney General


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