Time to remove the Ontario Liberals to ensure oversight of the MUSH

Ontario Coalition for AccountabilityOntario desperately needs Ombudsman oversight over its MUSH sector, Municipalities, Universities, School Boards, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Long-Term Care Facilities, Police, and it’s out of control Children’s Aid Societies.

With Andrea Horwath’s announcement to reject the Liberals budget over countless scandals, we’re now heading in to a provincial election.

Liberals have prevented accountability and Ombudsman oversight every step of the way while ignoring tens of thousands demanding accountability. For any chance of accountability, we must remove the Liberals from power.

So to continue moving forward, we again ask people consider volunteering for those MPP & Candidates supporting oversight and get people voting for change.

MPP’s who do support us.
Ontario MPP’s supporting Ombudsman Oversight of the MUSH sector