Ontario MPP’s who will be Preventing the Ombudsman over the MUSH


MPP’s we’ve confirmed will be refusing to allow Ontario’s Ombudsman to investigate Nursing Homes, Long-Term Care Facilities, Hospitals, Children’s Aid Societies, School Boards, Universities and Police.



Dickson, Joe Ajax–Pickering Liberal
McMeekin, Hon Ted Ancaster–Dundas–Flamborough–Westdale Liberal
Dhillon, Vic Brampton West Liberal
Jeffrey, Hon Linda Brampton–Springdale Liberal
Colle, Mike Eglinton–Lawrence Liberal
Qaadri, Shafiq Etobicoke North Liberal
Crack, Grant Glengarry–Prescott–Russell Liberal
Sandals, Hon Liz Guelph Liberal
Milloy, Hon John Kitchener Centre Liberal
Gerretsen, John Kingston and the Islands Liberal
Matthews, Hon Deborah London North Centre Liberal
Naqvi, Hon Yasir Ottawa Centre Liberal
Naqvi, Hon Yasir Ottawa Centre Liberal
Chiarelli, Hon Bob Ottawa West–Nepean Liberal
Leal, Hon Jeff Peterborough Liberal
MacCharles, Hon Tracy Pickering–Scarborough East Liberal
Moridi, Hon Reza Richmond Hill Liberal
Duguid, Hon Brad Scarborough Centre Liberal
Berardinetti, Lorenzo Scarborough Southwest Liberal
Wong, Soo Scarborough–Agincourt Liberal
Bradley, Hon James J. St. Catharines Liberal
Gravelle, Hon Michael Thunder Bay–Superior North Liberal
Murray, Hon Glen R. Toronto Centre Liberal
Del Duca, Steven Vaughan Liberal
Zimmer, David Willowdale Liberal
Kwinter, Monte York Centre Liberal
Albanese, Laura York South–Weston Liberal
Sergio, Mario York West Liberal





If you have information as to why these MPP’s may not support oversight, such as a family members is a Teacher, operates a Long-Term Care facility or works for a Children’s Aid Society etc, please send us an email.



MPP’s Supporting Ombudsman Oversight

MPP’s We Need To Support Ombudsman Oversight

  • shawnette James

    It’s a shameful thing when someone is not supporting a good cause just because it is not affecting them. This world be a better place when every one can come together and agree there is a problem that needs fixing. I would hope the MPPs who are not supporting this bill 110 for the Ombudsmen know that it is usually the little man’s vote that brings them into office and people can only take so much befor a revolution is decided upon. unsupporting MPPs need to know that those children that were taken from innocent parents are living their lives in emotional scars which anyone in psychology would know it is the worst pain to inflect on someone, it is emotional abuse that brings about mental issues and scars. Have we as a society not endured enough from the hands of CAS doing as they please just because they have been handed an atourity. they have the resources to help famalies who want to do better for their family but instead what do they do apprihend the kids to hurt the parents and destroy lives, especally when their logo says that they keep famalies together. I would like to also emphasize that anyone who has gone through raising children it is no walk in the park, and it is only when they become adults we will know how we did as pairents, I can only wonder about an MPP who is not deciding to support bill 110, as Dr phill would say “how’s that working for yah”

  • Ombudsman oversight of the MUSH sector as well as a functioning Human Rights Tribunal and Community Legal Aid system are long, long overdue.

  • Just think Lorenzo Berardinetti,I use to volunteer for you on fund raisers.Even Peter said their was too many complaints coming in about CAS and you went against Bill C-42.Shame on you maybe you and everyone else that when against it should put your own children in their and fine out what happens to them you wouldn’t like it and years of fighting a CORRUPTED GOVERNMENT.PLEASE STAND UP FOR THE INNOCENT ( THE CHILDREN ).