Former director of the Children’s Aid Society of the Districts of Sudbury speaks out

Letter to the Editor – January 2012 Larry Killens

I write this letter as an individual in response to having many concerned persons phone and express genuine thoughts of, uncertainty, and frustration on what appears to me as a topic that is constantly coming up beyond the normal and now I am convinced needs to be addressed.

This concern is in relation to the activity/relationship of the  Police, and social services agencies such as the Children’s Aid Society accessing our schools and the children within.  These students are placed in the care of our schools with the understanding of implied parental consent.  Questions such as a parent/guardian’s rights, and what are the rights/protections built in for parents/guardians and  children themselves.

Consider how many lives are ruined by “fishing trips” and “social branding” of innocent parents/grandparents are born out of acting and investigating on a “suspicion” or “rumor mill”.  Many, many people have suffered marriage break-ups, a “no return” to a happy marriage reconciliation when a non-credited agency is allowed to roam at will through their lives and homes.

First it should be clearly understood that the Children’s Aid Society is NOT NOR HAS EVER BEEN a government organization.  The Children’s Aid Societies across the province are private entities operating on their own apart and at arm’s length from the Government.  These various agencies are paid\contracted by the Government to execute and apply child protection services.  It is my understanding that their workers MUST be registered by law with an Ontario College, such as teachers, doctors, lawyers, nurses, and so on to ensure they are properly trained and monitored. I have yet, after asking in writing, seen evidence they are in fact registered with any accredited organization or College.  The Government  of the day has seen fit, despite the urgings of the Ontario Ombudsman, and to the contrary, chosen not to require these agencies to be subject to the Ontario Ombudsman’s review of examination and accountability.  Close examination and review of their ongoing activity (CAS) is most difficult to establish/investigate/.  The police are a separate matter, equally a concern to parents, are the police accessing their children in a school, but there are laws that specifically direct and require the police as well to behave in a different manner when dealing with young people as described in the various Federal and Provincial Regulations.  These regulations and guidelines are not limited to but include the Child Law Reform Act, The Criminal Code of Canada , The Young Offender’s Acts, various Provincial and Federal acts and so on.   Statement taking and interviewing young persons, more-so in Criminal and family matters is a complete and different entity.  It is one that deserves very careful consideration and attention to adhering to the rules our society has placed on them. Persons/agencies entrusted with encountering our youth in such matters require special training and skills to interact with a young mind.  As a general rule, there are no automatic rights, entrusted to the police/CAS to interview young persons without parental\guardian permission.  There are times when this can be done and is allowed and yes, preferred, but VERY FEW.

Second, it should be clearly understood that both the social service agencies, and the Police, under certain specific and detailed circumstances, by law, may have unobstructed access to our children/youth. This process is in place and a legal requirement where they must report to and be accountable in such matters where they have exercised those extreme rights by setting aside ours and the child’s own rights.  Used properly, this is a very valuable tool for the police/social agencies and one that is extremely necessary when exercised by these agencies/police.

Other than described above, the Child Social Family Services agencies nor the police, at any time, do not have unrestricted access to our children, be they in school, at home or anywhere without “jumping a few hoops”.  Even more so, in a child’s home there is no provision for any agency to enter a private residence, for the purposes of intervention in a family matter with the exception of very few and specific and detailed situations.  Even then, the agency involved must return to a court of competent jurisdiction and document/report their invasion into the private lives of the children or their parents/guardians. Be aware, should there be an existing court order or an life/threatening matter, unrestricted access is allowed and rightfully so!  If parents/guardians have a written agreement with a social service agency there is no problem to cancel it as long as it did not arise out of a court agreed upon circumstance.   I have necessary papers to cancel any agreement under those circumstances.

To my personal knowledge there is no school board in the Province of Ontario that does  have  policy involving access to our children in our schools written down step by step..   To be clear, I am fearing that some contacts, in some circumstances, with the family unit, wherever it may be, is not according to the required legal process in Ontario.

In review ,to this point, I submit the following. 1.The Police nor the social services agencies (CAS) have no right  to an open access to interview, intervene, or access a young person, anywhere, subject to point #2. 2. There are a few, very specific situations where they are allowed to do so but very few and very rare.  These generally involve life threatening, or  incidents where evidence will not be available if emergency intervention is not done immediately but once performed must be reported to a court of competent jurisdiction. 3. Access to  your children, be you a guardian/parent may only be done with your express permission or order of a court.  There are incidents where the intervention can be done but only with a judicial order pre-intervention or if not enough time for an agency to arrange for a court order and that intervention is required immediately , said agency must report immediately after an intervention, to the court who issued the intervention, is performed.

In closing, I suggest the following when confronted by the police/social service agency/ or find out your child has been visited at a school without your permission.

1. If the police or CAS require or request to enter your home/interview your child, ask them to write it down and quote the section they are acting under to allow them to do this and nature of the complaint.

2. If they (involved agency) refuse to write it down, ensure that the police are present in any event and ask them (Police) to write down the fact that that you are required to allow the CAS access to your kids at school or otherwise.

3. After making the request to the police or the CAS and they still insist they can do so, let them and do not obstruct them.   Take pictures and help them if you can.  When done seek out a lawyer.  Ask for a receipt if anything is taken from your home school property.

4. Write your child’s school and advise them if you do not wish certain persons or the CAS or the police to have access to your children without proper legal process.  If access to our child involves visitation rights called for in an agreement in a court, provide the school with a certified copy of that agreement to the school.

I can pretty much assure you that the police do not violate the trust placed in them and risk losing being welcomed and trusted by the schools.

My concern is that if access to the child is not carried out in accordance to our laws in force in Ontario, this will create a violation of the charter of rights claim by an accused and return the child to a possible abusive home.  I hope that all those who would abuse children will be caught and dealt with to the extent that the law allows.


Larry B. Killens
South Baymouth

To email Larry Killens directly, please click here.

  • Mark

    In grade 3 A woman from CAS came into my class asked for me, on more than one occassion and asked me to go with her to the library. There was no one but her and I in there.. and she asked me to pull my pants down. I understand she may have been checking for bruises perhaps, but I have since been uncomfortable with myself since then. If I could sue the CAS I would. I believe they stick their nose alot of the time where it does NOT belong.

  • admin

    Anyone wishing to contact Mr. Killins please send us your contact information and we’ll be sure to pass it on.

    • withheld

      I wish very much to contact Mr. Killins. My daughter has been illegally apprehended based on false speculation from 3 years ago. I am disgusted with the lack of ethics demonstrated by the Kawartha Haliburton CAS. The Society has acted contrary to legislation on more that a dozen occasions.

      I have been deceived, tricked and misled by the Agency while I was trying my best to cooperate with them in every way.

      I watch with agony as the Agency strategically chips way at the infant and mother bond between myself and my daughter. In fact, CAS sabotaged my daughter receiving frozen expressed breast milk while in care. In secrecy, the foster parents were instructed to discard all milk I supplied to the Agency for 4 months without anyone telling me. I have been told NOT to allow my daughter to breast feed or nurse.

      I look forward to hearing back.


      • stephanie tremblay

        I am starting a movement on Facebook add me as a friend my name is stef tremblay and my group is called Movement Against Childrens Aid Society i wanna get enough people to make action!!! when i had my first whos now 3 they found out i was crown ward they never left me they took him away for six months for a charge, got proven innocence got him back had two more beautiful children another boy 20 months and a baby girl 3 months and they took them away Now for more ridiculus reasons 3 years later!!!!!! Lets band together and put a stop to them P.S my suggestion contact your local Ombudsman He’s Trying to go against them Together we can make a difference

        • Joe Niemi

          i contacted the ombudsman and was told nothing they can do. they suggested talking to C.A.S

          • Joe Niemi

            there are several stef Tremblay on face book..plz add me…Joseph Niemi

    • Lynn

      Can Mr. Killins contact me please! I’ve taking in my nephew and niece and was working with CAS and now they are working against my husband and I. Our situation is very unique.

      • Sara Perry

        I took in my neices in and was working with the CAS. Out of no where and in complete surprise they were removed and placed in a group home. They have been going down hill severely ever since.

    • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


      i am interested in getting some info if at all possible.

      A CAS worker walked in the my grand-daughters daycare and demanded to speak with her, without permission from her mother. The Daycare had reported that my grand-daughter told them that he father molested. My grand-daughter is 3.5 years old. We have been involved with CAS on and off since she was 16 months old because we reported that he father molested her. Nothing was done about it, last July she reported to us 2 more times that he molested her again, nothing has happened again to him. The is the 3rd time she reports it, the other time it was myself, because she came home with lots of blood in her diaper. This is a long story. Still to this date they are allowing him to see her. We are at our wist end with them. My grand-daughter is afraid to go with him. If you can, please give us some ideal of what we can do, because we are beating our heads against the wall. they will destroy this child. We keep on explaining to her that if anything happens she needs to report it and we will keep her safe. The system is not permitting us to do so.



      • admin

        Hopeless, bring the child to a Hospital, lay it out to the Doctor and nurses whats happening and how CAS isn’t doing anything, ask they involve the police and the Doctor and nurses advocate for grand daughter to make sure it’s being dealt with. Also, try getting the Daycare staff to come with you if possible and if all else fails and they refuse to protect her ask the Doctors involve the media. It’s not hard to shame the Children’s Aid Societies anymore, Ontario is waking up and realizing they don’t go far enough when they should and go too far when they shouldn’t.

    • luz

      The CAS in london kidnapped my children one year ago and we continue to be tormented by them. Unspeakable.

      PLease withhold my name.
      and help
      thank you


    • Patricia

      I read your post and would like for someone to contact me as I believe my children were wrongfully apprehended. I don’t wish to discus details over this post but do wish to talk to Mr. Killins about this matter asap.

    • lynda

      Please contact me as we are a family who have no where to turn and have had so many injustices done to us , that i dont know where to start to tell u this story.

    • Jerry Lalonde

      Yes I surely would like Mr Killins contact info please
      would like to ask a few questions about CAS and what has transpired so far

    • Roger Paquette

      I require information for an acquintance who is 14 years old and he would like to obtain a lawyer to dispute the ward custody order and return to his biolgical mother who as visitation and would like any information that I could pass on to him on how to go about it. Thank You Roger Paquette

    • Ph Kil

      i have a bit of a situation my daughter was living with some one she had pad rent for the month . and the girl called the cas to get her out. and the police so my daughter said ok i will just go to my moms place . the cas worker said no then she said ok my dads place again she said no. she said that she is takeing the child in to foster cars my daughter is breast feeding . so i look around and found out the a order can be put in place to kepp them togeather again the worker said no . now she wants my daughter to sign a vistation order this would give cas temporay custody correct then they could tell my daughter not to come any more right email: [email protected] hope to here from you oh this is peterborough cas

  • Lisa

    Excellent article!! Well written!! Thank you for this information!!

  • Sandy

    The Childrens aid went to my childs school today and took her out and placed her in foster care for apparently haveing an arguement and yelling in front of my child I know yelling in front of her may not have been appropriate parenting but I assure you my child must be devistated to say the least especially with my child not being abused how could she possibly understand this situation. I feel as though my child has been stolen from her school never imagining that as her parent I had no say nor knowledge that this sort of thing could happen without just cause My little girl must be going through hell they even refused other family members from taking temporary custody until this matter would be sorted out leaving her with strangers verses staying with people she knows and loves .
    For what reason do they have to put my child through so much heart ship its almost like they are punishing her. I take excellent care of her she is the last of Four children three of which are all adults and my oldest daughter is a social worker and called to speak with child while she ‘s in there custody from ******** and was refused to be allowed. They have taken her from two parents and a grama whom love her sooo much
    This is unbelievable please contact me asap ! This pain is unbearable for all of us.

    • luz

      I would never believeI such a thing could happen in Canada. Good parents have rights..WRONG.

  • 3rd generation foster child.

    My children were apprehended from school, interrogated in an enclosed room at the school, and coerced to say they were abused with the promise of returning home. After several attempts of the children saying they were not abused or hit, the worker told them to say what they wanted to hear and if they told her they were hit they could go back home. Too young to know they fell for it.

    Then on at least two occasions I can prove things were altered. In 1994 in Belleville Ontario, the worker altered my sons diagnosis from autism to fetal alcohol syndrome. They did so because I did not drink but when the judge ruled to return him home, they needed a new reason to keep him. Then in 2007 they took my girls. They did drug tests because a drug addicted neighbor who got mad because I refused to sell a prescription drug for my pain called in. She claimed the drug was crushed and snorted and she witnessed it. Another caller claimed to have smoked weed in the basement with my husband while she was pregnant and under CAS watch. They did squat about her, and took my kids, and then did random testing, and changed it to say I was a drug addict. They did assements that asked if I did this stuff, I said no. It was therefore ruled that I couldn’t have my kids back because I wouldn’t own up to what I did and won’t change. Since I refused to own up to something I do not do, my children are gone to be adopted. Then they use that I was not allowed to see them for a few years thanks to the family I got to take them, so now they don’t hardly know me apparently after 3 yrs and that is too hard on them to come home, but easier to adopt them to strangers.

    The biggest thing they used against me besides their lies that is true… I grew up in their care, abused for 18 yrs. They said I may not do it now, but sometime in the future i MAY abuse my kids. So based on no evidence and what they did to myself as a child, I am not ok to be a parent. I guess this too will happen to my own children, and their grandkids as well if nothing is done.

    • Mur Iel

      HELP!!!! I cannot bare anymore of this Canada! This is not the land of the free, the land of the good or any other land I wish to live in….our family is currently looking for a new land to call our home.

    • witheld

      I can totally relate to what the society does to people! I was just a hard working single mom… worked 2 jobs, college fulltime, honors student. I paid for my daycare, not even a subsidy.

      They made up stuff, twisted things, coherced my daughter. Started at 4 yrs old, in care at 8, a ward by 10. These people never stop! They will always come back!

      She is now 14 years old and she will tell you herself how scared and confused she was of CAS, not of me! She herself knew and felt that they were more powerful than the police and she was scared of them. She is not anymore and there are tons of groups of teens in care who meet as activists for youth, fighting against kids being put into care! Our kids were molested and raped, suffered drug addiction, sexual issues, etc. all because of CAS. Ontario needs to wake up! This is happening everyday! To the rich, to the poor, they need kids and they are coming for anyone who they can get. More kids = more money. Its bulffing the stats. If most calls were false alarms, then their rate of cases to apprehensions would be affected. OUR children are tools for their business, for our tax dollars to pay for it!

      I am not exaggerating, this is the truth. If you heard the stories, it would shock you!

  • carolynn

    my son was pulled out of class today and a worker asked him questions for 20 mins or so. Nobody at the school called me nor did children’s son’s only 6 so he doesn’t really know or remember what they asked. Can I do anything about it? How can a strange man be able to talk to my son in private?this bothers me a lot.

  • stephanie wade

    It would be greatly appreciated if Mr. Killens would contact me. My children’s school has called the CAS 3 times on my family, all cases being closed immediately. The first time, my autistic son repeated a subtitle from the “goonies” movie. The second time was because my sons hand or my husbands (not sure, it happened quickly) hit my sons face during a restraint. (used when he is having a meltdown so he doesn’t hurt himself or anyone else) The last time my middle son stubbed his toe and said it was my autistic sons fault because they were arguing over use of the computer. The CAS worker wasn’t even sure why he was sent to the house. Two teachers had called that one in and said they felt we were struggling with his care. They also made up and twisted some stories saying there was no consequences in our house. Essentially they lied. We requested to the CAS that they keep our case open so that we would have a familiar case worker, but they refused based on their assesment that there is no risk in the house. The CAS had also taken my handicapped son out of class after the second phone call to interview him. I was always under the understanding that a 9 year old, severely menatally handicapped child could NOT give informed consent. I feel as though the school is harrassing us and is causing more stress on the family than the autism diagnosis ever did. Please contact me if possible with some ideas on how to handle the school. I wonder if i’ll have to sue to make this bullying stop.

    • Robert


      File a complaint with the teachers college, write letters, educate yourself on your childs rights and yours, don’t back down, your the authority, not the school

    • witheld

      I could probably help you more than this man, his facts are way wrong. I have been in a similar situation, well exact situation to yours and I lost in court, but won later on… so I really do know what I am talking about.

      let me know if you would like to talk about it. It scares me to hear your story is going the same route, exact as mine. I begged them to keep my file open, but they refused the same. Problem is you know they are coming back and the more file openings, the dig for the court process. You don’t want to be there, trust me!

  • Bonits

    I would like to discuss a matter about CAS with Mr. Killens pls contact me.
    Thank you

  • I find it abhoring at how CAS thinks they can get away with the illegal actions that are heaped on innocent people.
    The government needs to get involved & start doing their part in mass investigations into the abuse that goes on in the name of child protection.
    It all boils down to money for each Society & browny points for the workers as they bring in children to care.
    Has anyone mentioned yet about the mass infliction of drugs used on a large number of children in care or how they tend to over look when a child is beaten by foster parents & the worker looks the other way?
    I know, it happened to my child.CAS refused to do anything to stop the abuse or investigate it. This was North Bay CAS in Ontario, Canada.
    I am the admin of Child Love International. We are a group organized to report online about child abuse in society, child abuse performed by CAS workers, Inspirational guidance for parents, What the law says for parents & so much more.
    Please, if you care enough to take a stand against child abuse no matter who does it, log into :

  • Robert

    Cas workers must be registered with the college of social workers, I called to confirm this. File complaints with them and the college of teachers, if they show up, detain and interview your child without concent. File a notice of objection with the school and the board, stateing no one is to detain your child against their will and question them.

    Educate your children, they are not to be detained with out concent and they are not to be interviewed with out mom, or dad, a grandparent or guadian present.

    If you invite them into your home, secretly video tape or make a recording of it.

    Form groups with the other parents and stand united against what the school is doing, research, research, research, understand your rights and your childrens rights

    • Hi Robert,
      I agree with everything you have written here.
      One thing CAS will not tell you is this..
      They are not social workers by any legal sense. They used to call themselves as such.
      The Social Workers College wanted them to join but they ( CAS workers) refused. Instead, so they wouldn’t have to pay out fees from their own pockets nor join they decided to use the term.. child protection worker.
      If they joined the college that would mean they would be accountable for their actions to the college which they don’t want.
      No one to answer to for any illegal actions.
      This is what they are doing now.
      Take care.

      • Joe Niemi

        hmmmm illegal actions, so they are above the law,

  • Maureen

    How can this organization say they are looking into the best interests of the children, when my grandchildren were working towards going home ( staying at home 3-4 days per week) and then all of sudden without any meetings to confirm anything the home visits were stopped abruptly and only visits in the community were allowed, and they notified the parent they were going for crown ward no access when the parent had voluntarily setup on their own counselling and rehab, it had never been ordered or suggested by the CAS and now they are using it against them to go for crown wardship and adoption, but when the foster parent was under suspicisiion of abusing our babies they weren’t even removed from the foster home. And now I have found out that the foster parent raises money for the CAS regularly, ” how convenient this all is “. My poor babies have been in counselling for two years over the trauma of being yanked from their parents, they were happy fun loving children now they are nervous, temper tantrum, frustrated children being pulled around like little puppets.

  • Concerned Parent

    A teacher at school has been overly involved with a child, he is 7 years of age.
    She has falsely accused the parent of abuse and has gotten child protective services involved. The child was taken from the school without the parents permission, then taken to the police station where they questioned him without the parents present.
    There were no charges laid and the case was closed.
    The child was then moved to another school because of the involvement with this teacher and the lack of involvement with the principal, and now the teacher is sending letters to this child personally at his new school.(also informing the new school of the child protective case that was dropped). What are the rights of a parent when something like this is happening?

  • steve

    the first thing is, you and your children are all looked upon as children of the corperation of the government. what gives them the right to confiscate your child at will and punish a parent is the presents of a birth certificate witch is your fraudulant licences to be in there corperate government. if a birth record is used then they have no right to do anything to you or your child. we pay them to be our servants not for us to be there savants. nobody has the right to enter your home without consent, nor does anyone have the right to touch your chill without your consent let alone to take your child witch is kidnapping. whack up people and grow up. the corporate government will control as much as they wish and long as we let them.

    • Joe Niemi

      very well said..

  • Anne

    I have been told that most CAS workers in Ontario are breaking the law by not being registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers. Is this true?

    • Tanya Morgan-Zagrodney

      yep…he even says that above…

  • admin


    for years, Children Aid Workers all across Ontario who are registered Social Workers have been deliberately canceling memberships with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers to avoid their ethical guidelines. They say it’s the few hundred a year to renew, but CAS workers are generally paid a lot more than others Social Workers. However, the college and the Ministry know of this practice and have refused to act on it.

    Depending on the CAS, there are some lists available to see who is or was, unregistered or suspended. You can also contact the college for a current list.

    MPP Frank Klees speaking about unregistered Social Workers.

  • Luke

    My wife right now are being accused by CAS of Cambridge of sexual abuse of our 3 year old daughter which are false accusations its been now 15 days since we have seen our daughter they have not presented us with any type of evidence. They went to my parents place where our daughter stays on weekends because we both work nights, we dont make alot of money and figured the safest place would be at my moms. Our daughter has been asked questions without our permission my parents just let them in please can someone help us we are going crazy and missing our daughter.

  • What I have seen with Hamilton CAS & Hamilton police is disgusting!! Hamilton CAS have been caught falsifying court duc,lying,in court by lawyers,still nothing is done.

  • Cathy Rand

    So many crys for help from this organization. They lie, they bully, They have ice running in their veins instead of blood. They have have no logic, heart, or soul. They pressured us as their grandparents to sign papers to force us for 6 month to 1 year term with them. I did not agree that it coould take this long. They tell me my home is no longer safe because the rcmp changed rules on the police checks and many men cannot get clearence for vulnerability. Any similarity of name or birthdate they demand fingerprints. An anonymous caller is proteted and we have to jump hoops for kinship program. I was offered the welfare office or member of parliment. I cannot sleep or eat. I cry for 24 hours because of the total injustice of this agency. where can we get help.

    • Joe Niemi

      yes were can we get help??????

  • Stephanie McLean

    Hello, I would really love to speak to the person that wrote this. It is an emergency and I need help! Please, I have tried everything I can think of no one will even listen to my case in my town, they all say they do not deal with cas cases and refer me to another lawyer who says the same. I just want some answers. My son has never been away from me for more then a few hours, I’m so worried about him

  • OntarioCfA

    For those wanting help, you may want to try selecting from our menu, Discussion Groups > Provincial Discussion Groups > Children’s Aid.

    To email Larry Killens directly follow the link below.

  • Richard DeHart

    Do you have to let them into your home?

  • Richard DeHart

    l am writing again to you , l have a 14 year old daughter and a 13 year old son , both have been diagnosed with ADHD and take medication for it ,my children were questioned at school by a CAS worker , without my or my wifes consent , is this not an illegal act .hope to hear from you soon

    • Tanya Morgan-Zagrodney

      it states above that they cannot…and if you write to the school and request that no visitors other than yourselves have access to your child then they cannot talk to her at school either…have you tried emailing Larry personally?

    • san

      There are three subtypes of ADHD generally recognized by professionals, called “presentations”:

      Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive Presentation — If symptoms of hyperactivity-impulsivity but not symptoms of inattention have been shown for at least 6 months.
      Predominantly Inattentive Presentation — If symptoms of inattention but not symptoms of hyperactivity-impulsivity have been shown for at least 6 months.
      Combined Presentation — If symptoms of both inattention and hyperactivity-impulsivity have been shown for at least 6 months.
      A person must have symptoms of ADHD present before age 12 in order to be diagnosed (even if an adult at first diagnosis).

      There must also be evidence that the ADHD behaviors are present in two or more settings — e.g., at home, school or work; with friends and family; and in other activities. Someone who can pay attention at work but is inattentive only at home usually wouldn’t qualify for a diagnosis of ADHD.

  • Kim

    Hi! I have a bad situation with cas, im non abusive, but was told i neglected my daughter because of a breakin that caused us alot of problems. My daughter is now cward with access but my lawyer is saying shes finished . Can i go back to court and fight theses accusations?
    Thanks i need help any would be appreciated she was taken at a mall in front of customers. Her dad called in a false report from out west and now because of his lies my daughter and me and her brother are suffering.

    • Kim, be sure to visit this Facebook group and create a fake profile if you require any anonymity.

      • Faith Jones

        A family member is dealing with the same thing as you are, My cuzin chose to have my aunt take custody of the child so that the child could not be adopted out.

  • I will want to speak with you good man. I can t even believe such a man still existed, your a king and those don’t exist anymore, but the few. You save a part of my being my existence when you decided to write this. Thank you.

  • confused

    Here is one I can only hope I can get some feedback for. My husband and I were foster parents for 10 years and we have adopted 3 children out of the foster care system. Back about 3 years ago we adopted our son and we requested a name change for him. The agency refused and we ended up getting a lawyer and his name was successfully changed even though the CAS was furious about it. @ years ago we had a situation in our family where we discovered someone was sexually molesting 2 of our children. Contact with that person was stopped and police were notified. CAS again was upset that they were not notified first about this. As a result this person was not found guilty and CAS decided to question my oldest daughter while she was at school, we knew nothing about it until we attended a meeting. We quit fostering ( we had enough) and went on with our lives. Recently a family member has asked us to adopt her son, CAS is refusing to do our homestudy due to changing our sons name!?!?!? We do not have the money just now to go privately. Any suggestions on how we can stop this foolishness?

    • Tanya Morgan-Zagrodney

      I thought foster parents weren’t allowed to adopt the children they were fostering? ? ?

      • confused

        Yes, they are allowed. In some cases it is in the best interest of the child who may have lived with the family for quite some time.

  • Faith Jones

    FACS which is also known as Family and children’s services took my daughter from my home and was placed with her drug dealing father. Her father has past with a lot of criminal activity. My facs worker said” Hes dad and we would be willing to look past his criminal activity and work with him”

    This all happened because my last 2 boyfriends have been abusive towards me, even though I left my last 2 boy friends right after I seen red flags! Apparently I am a unfit mother!

    They made me give up my apartment at first, then told me I had to live with my grandparents with my daughter in which I did. Then my grandfather phones the facs worker and advised her that he was getting to old for this and that me and my daughter had to go stay somewhere else. Facs then came the next day and placed ,my daughtwe with her father, with no court order or anything!

    This matter has not yet gone to court! My facs worker said to me that she has no concerns with my parenting what so ever at all, its my stability and poor decisions in life.

    Meanwhile they made me give up my apartment lol I have done everything Facs has asked me to do. I even went above and beyond. I am now taking parenting classes, anger management, Counseling for abused woman, Coping with stress program, seeing my doctor on a regular basis but apparently nothing I am doing is good enough!

    My question is what can I do to get my daugter back? I also forgot to mention that I am months pregnant and Facs are planning to apprehend my child from the hospital. How can I stop this ?

  • san

    My children were taken from me cause I worked and traveled to much from home to work. I jumped thru hoops and in the end I still was considered an unfit parent. They raised my kids in a abusive home’s & kicked them out at the age of 15. North Bay Ontario needs a checking into for all the children. They walk into the hospitals and take newborns, why i know this, they tried taking my newborn the next day my babes was born. I called my lawyer. They lied in the courts trying to say my child is in danger and needs immediate care. They tried taking my 3 yr old and wanted to give her to her abusive father, during his visits he raped her and thats there idea of a fit home. Here in north bay, you need an out of town lawyer to win or you’ll never get your kids.. my kind lawyer for my 1st 3 kids bribed me to pay him more and he’ll get them for me. I love was outragged but I kept it together.. I was taken from my loving kind mother at the age of 3, just to be shipped out by c.a.s from house to house and repeatly abused by the hand of stranger who told me its my fault my parents don’t want me.. the one thing I new was before I was taken, my mother is still out there, she loves me & We never did anything to deserve to lose each other and I look in the mirror just to imagine why I was taken and it hit me, I’m metise and I needed saving from a single mother who loves me. Childrens Aid Needs to be looked into.. Here in north bay if your an abuser drinker, dealer, prostitute or a cop. No worrys you can keep your kid, they want a child who listens not misbehaves or a crack/coke baby or even a kid over 7, cause they can’t brain wash them to make them believe your parents are trash ( trust me, the people I met who are like that ,have there kids still). They also move a worker to another district if there a threat for a law suit. They lie to the courts, they try to make the kids repeat what they want to hear and record it. They work in packs at the mall, park and they borrow kids to blend in. My kids now 7 & 10 now who they are and what there like. They experinced the drama in group homes and how they were rude to them, tried to make them believe I didn’t love them and the workers telling my oldest “she will never see me again if she don’t play nice with her. What she didnt know was, we got her a lawyer and burnt her ass in court and yes you can get a lawyer for her appointed by the judge. She was 6 then and top of her class today. My newborn now 7 is a little genuise and both love school. And no you can deny a section 54 ( a psychology testing) unless appointed by the judge but demaned another phsycholigist not involved with c.a.s. section 54 is about how you tick inside.. noone can realy pass, its you who are and answer in the best way you can, if they have your kids, ask for more time with your kids by the judge and ask for it in writing. Everything in writing and never repeat anything they try accusing you of cause that called admiting your mistake even thou you never done nothing, there tricky like that. These people are mixed up and need to get out and these children that need the help don’t get it. North bay childrens aid needs to be looked onto despertaly ….