Ontario Petitions

Petitions circulating Ontario for accountability. If you or your group have a petition that directly relates to accountability of the MUSH sector and would like us to host it or provide a link to the original, please contact us.
Petition Number

P-6) Granting additional powers to the Ontario Ombudsman (MUSH sector) – 2012

P-8) Pet Scans

P-21) Enhancing long-term care

P-35 Dental care for low-income families

P-39 Tuition Fees

P-44 Long term care beds in Tavistock

P-88) Ornge Petition – 2012

P-112) Social work in Ontario

P-      ) Ombudsman Oversight of Hospitals

P-178) Ombudsman Oversight of LTC bilingual


Petitions & Responses including date of introduction with the Legislative Assembly.