Rally & Protest Sign Tips

Pleases Investigate Children's Aid Aside from our appearance and behaviour, one of the single most important things our audience (the public) is going to judge us on are the signs we use. We are marketing the importance of our cause to the general public and must always ensure readability, spelling and with quality will show we are truly making an effort.



  1. Use 5 Words or Less! so people can read them at a greater distance or while driving.
  2. Each letter should be at least 4″ or larger. (the bigger the better).
  3. Spelling, Spelling, Spelling!!
  4. High contrast! Red or Black letters on White.
  5. To the Point and exactly what you want. Our 3’x4′ signs read “Please Investigate YOUR_CAUSE_HERE!” there is no confusion what our message is and why we ae there. Also, people driving can read theses signs from 1/2km away.
  6. If your on a budget go to a Home Hardware Building Supply store and get a 4′x8′ sheet of corrugated plastic for about $15. You can cut three 2′x3′ signs that will last a very long time.
  7. If you plan use markers, Staples sell boxes of them for under $5. First, use a pencil and some kind of stencil to make sure it looks nice, then fill in the letters with the markers after you triple check the spelling. Bad signs make us look bad.
  8. Other signs that get to the point…
    • Let the Ombudsman Investigate the MUSH!
    • Let the Ombudsman In Now!
    • Ontario Wants Oversight of YOUR_CAUSE_HERE!

Always assume most people don’t know what your cause is about!.